Environmental Factors play a central role in the processes of human development, health, and disease.  It is not surprising that Environmental Prevention Measures are the mainstay of Public Health to assure safe food and water, manage sewage, and control or eliminate vector-borne illnesses.  The environmental health programs in Cortland County are based on primary prevention and provide enormous health benefits to the community.  The programs range from preventing human exposure to harmful agents to assuring safety at regulated facilities to ensuring the public has safe drinking water.  Services include assessment, monitoring, surveillance, enforcement, and quality assurance.

Programs and Services We Provide


Children’s Camps

Communicable Disease Program

       Rabies Control and Response
       West Nile Virus (WNV)
       Lyme Disease and Other Vector-Borne Diseases
       Outbreak Investigations

Drinking Water Programs

      Public Water Supplies
      Private Individual Water Supply
      Well Head Protection and Aquifer Monitoring
      Petroleum Bulk Storage (gas stations, etc)

Environmental Assessment Program

      Hazardous Waste Sites
           NYSEG-MPG Site Fact Sheet
           Smith Corona Site Fact Sheet
           South Hill Dump - Record of Decision
           Rosen Brothers Scrap Yard Site Fact Sheet
           Buckbee-Mears Site Pofile
      Indoor Air Quality
      Chemical Exposures
      Emergency Oil Spill Relocation Program

Food Service Establishments

Housing Hygiene

Lead Poison Prevention Program

Mobile Home Parks

Pools, Beaches and Spas

Public Health Nuisances

Radiation Protection


Realty Subdivisions

Sewage Systems 

Smoking Restrictions:
      New York State Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA)

      Tobacco Control: Adolescent Tobacco-Use Prevention Act  (ATUPA)

Temporary Residences (Hotels and Motels)


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